TTL Culture

  1. TTL is Relationship Driven

    Internally: TTL is family-oriented. We want our employees to spend time with their family. That’s why we offer generous paid time off and holidays to our employees.Employees care about each other. We have family get-togethers, family holiday luncheons, service awards, and other activities outside of work. Our team members help each other succeed in their jobs.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Externally: We are thankful for each and every one of our clients. At TTL, clients are the core of our business plan and our relationships with our clients are vital . We strive to understand our client’s objectives and make sure that our services consistently exceed expectations.

  2. TTL is Community Driven

    Education Support: We understand the importance of a solid education. We support education from all levels; from our Accelerated Reader’s Recognition Program at local elementary schools, to our Adopt-A-School Partners at local middle schools, even to our Endowed Scholarships at the collegiate level. We understand that education is important to the future of our communities…and the future of TTL.                                                                                                           Responsiveness: TTL’s responsiveness has been tested and proven time and time again such as during the floods that inundated Middle Tennessee in May 2010 and the tornadoes that ripped through the Southeast in April 2011. We assembled the teams to respond to the urgent needs of multiple clients across the region.