TTL Geologist promotes Wetumpka crater awareness

TTL Geologist Shannon McDonald will appear on “Your Community This Week” to discuss the recent efforts of the Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission. The show will air on ABC 32, Montgomery, AL’s ABC affiliate, on Sunday, February 26, at 9 a.m. and again at 12:30 p.m.

McDonald, based in TTL’s Montgomery office, serves as vice-chairman of the commission that seeks to protect, promote and preserve the crater that was created an estimated 84 million years ago by a meteor reportedly the size of a football field. She said the group has been busy advocating for the crater’s recognition. “We envision this to be a destination so we have been trying to raise money for a nice center,” she said, adding that plans include a museum and a full research center for Auburn University Geology professor, Dr. David T. King, Jr., who has spearheaded the study and research of the crater.

McDonald also explained that, through the commission’s efforts and its partnerships, middle school students in the entire state will now get to learn about the crater as part of their curriculum. The commission holds various fundraisers throughout the year and one of those is an opportunity to tour the crater itself. The tours will be held next weekend, March 2-4, beginning at 9 a.m. and visitors are advised to reserve their space.

More information about the Wetumpka crater can be found on the WICC website at


Submitted photo — Shannon McDonald is pictured (far right) with “Your Community This Week” host Tim Lennox and fellow commission member, Marilee Tankersley.