Schermerhorn Symphony Center – Nashville, TN

This state-of-the-art entertainment venue occupies an entire downtown block in Nashville’s SoBro neighborhood and is home to the Nashville Symphony. With acoustics that rival the world’s most respected concert halls, the 197,000 square foot building is four stories configured into seven half-floors and features a 1,844-seat concert hall. TTL provided comprehensive environmental, geotechnical, and materials testing services for the original building in 2005 for clients American Constructors and The Nashville Symphony. Being located in a topographically low area of Nashville where 19th century urban development included placement of thick intervals of mixed fill, the site was complicated environmentally and geotechnically. The completed facility includes extensive below-grade construction and our personnel were on site to monitor essentially all phases of site excavation, foundation installation, backfilling and above grade construction.

Torrential rains and the Cumberland River’s unstoppable flood waters devastated Nashville in May 2010 in what has been described as a 1,000-year rain event, and one of the many downtown structures that sustained significant damage from the accompanying rise in groundwater was the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. With the resulting flood damage exceeding $40 million, the Nashville Symphony Association hired a consultant team, including TTL, to design and construct a groundwater removal system capable of handling an event similar to the May 2010 flood.